Dread Pirate Roberts

The Dread Pirate Roberts is known for his amphibious pirate ship. As he proclaims “No town or city is safe from my pillaging.” Unlike his counterpart, Abby Park, he is never spoken of in a good manner. He is a rouge, who rapes and pillages on a whim. His ship can both move by use of sails and a very basic, and pillaged, Pazmadian technology to move it along.

No one praises the Dread Pirate Roberts for his captaining skills, bravery, or looks. He is feared among and jeered at by the people of Tundalia.

Some speculate that he has an infatuation with Abby Park.

Charismatic and resolute , violent and cruel , he has his own moral code …. which is probably different from any other …. but , according to it , he is a man of honor!


Dread Pirate Roberts

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