Aramis is the wayward elder brother of the famed Dartanya D’winter. Though Aramis is on the Musketeers official pay roll he rarely has the attention span to do any of the missions assigned to him. Instead he goes around performing spontaneous acts of good in the name of the Musketeers.

He is known for getting in over his head. It is assumed that it is only because of his sister’s connections that he has survived this long. Dartanya often speaks of her older brother with both irritation and fondness. She seems to respect his courage and boldness, but finds it irritating how often she must come to his rescue.

Aramis fancies himself a Jack-of-all-Trades. Some find it quite easy to argue that he is a Jack-of-no-trades. He however is known for his great personality and charming disposition, because of this he is often invited to parties.



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