Dwanya's Request

The Forgotten Days.

Thanks to a series of very strange and very particular events, an entire set of days was stricken from the the minds and records of the entire world of Terris. Thanks to a lesser known god in a not-so-parallel dimension, who just happened to be in a particular forest on the eighth day of the fifth week of the fifteenth month (this particular world had a very peculiar system of keeping time) in the, for unknown reasons, year of the Dancing Shrew (a year that had not, and would not, exist any other time other than that particular year [this was thanks to another series of events, which was caused by another series of even stranger events]) and he happened to step on a rabbit that was thinking of it’s wife while eating a carrot that was also thinking of its wife. At the same time that 3000 miles away a dwarf sneezed. But since this dwarf was only five days short of it’s thirty-eighth year, the ritual that was triggered was not activated to 100% efficiency. Only to 98.56% efficiency. Not _every_thing that happened was erased. There were six words that were not stricken from everything recorded, including memories. “Terris,” “Ionaice,” “Ancalagon,” “Shadazar,” and “Octopus Brownies.”

Side Mission-- A King, a Thief, and an Archmage

Almalexia and Samel called Xanros and Nevitash to the cliff behind the Amir palace. A new king was needed, and the trial was to climb the cliff, take a single egg from the Legendary bird, finish scaling the cliff, and jump, all without letting the egg break. Xanros and Nevitash accepted the challenge, and began the climb. Xanros took the lead briefly, but Nevitash quickly caught up and overtook him, reaching the Legendary’s nest. After fending off an attack from the disgruntled bird (with much help from Xanros), Nevitash took the only egg and hurried back to the cliff face. He rushed up the rest of the cliff, Xanros tailing him closely. When almost at the top, they saw a strange writing in the cliff face, but neither could read it so they just passed it without doing any damage. At the top, Nevitash looked over the cliff, saw the river he had to jumped into, measured the distances and jumped. Once he hit the water, he had to swim after the escaped egg, then find the alcove where he would present the egg. Xanros, still above on the cliff, saw the alcove and called down its location to Nevitash.

A new king was then born. Nevitash Tarmikos Amir, king of Amir Island. When he looked in a handy mirror one of the villagers produced, he noticed his hair and eyes had turned the deep regal blue that was the signature trait of the Amir. He was now the last of his kind. While Xanros was brought down by Almalexia, Nevitash pondered his new life. He had finally become a king, his life-long dream, but with his transformation he gained a new goal; to bring the Amir race back from extinction.

With the two reunited, and a new camaraderie forming, they went to an inn to rest. In the morning, they met with Samel and Almalexia as well as Tikalan Shadowsoul, the Violet Mist. They were given a mission to infiltrate a temple of The Raven Queen that had been forcefully taken over by cultists. The mission was accepted and they set out on their way.

When they arrived at the temple, Tikalan briefed them on the mission. No cultist was to escape alive. It was a simple infiltrate, slaughter, and get out without being caught mission. Tika, upon seeing that the cultists were “only Kharl’s cultists” declared things would be even easier than she’d initially thought. The three descended the levels quickly using various tactics, mostly changeling disguises (even resulting in Xanros getting imaginarily laid) while Nevitash hid and killed without being noticed. Only two beings escaped alive—a courtier and a thief who had been taken prisoner—and within an hour, the small team had reached the bottom level. Xanros, inspecting one of the rooms, came across and apparition of Kharl the Alchemist, who expressed his displeasure at all of his friends being killed. Nevitash went over, seeing Xanros so animated, and greeted the Alchemist. Kharl told them that, since the cultists knew someone was coming after them had tried to recreate his prized Right Bird, but had failed miserably, and that if they could take care of it he would repay them somehow in some way in the future. They agreed, and the apparition vanished and a door on the other side flew open as a grotesque griffin-like creature flew to the center of the room, and a crazed witchy looking woman. The battle ensued, and became fierce in no time flat. Eventually, though, Tika slayed the witch, and Xanros and Nevitash took out the Right Bird wannabe. Nevitash invited Tika for a drink, which she said she would think about, after saying a king should not be associating with someone such as her.

The mission complete, Tika took the two to meet an informant for the other side. The Scarlet Shadow, Maximillion Windscar.

Day Seven (Dwanya)

The party, by way a very grumpy dragon (having been pulled away from his dragonly duties), was dropped by the inn The Slaughtered Lamb, though it was a second location on the outskirts of Pheonix. Most went straight to their rooms and fell asleep, but Kratos took the liberty of helping the bar with it’s problem of overstocked alcohol. Xanros was sitting in front of the fireplace on the second floor, talking to his fire spirit familiar. Eventually Kratos drunkenly staggered his way up and, thankfully, into an unoccupied room.

Some time in the middle of the night Almott had a dream. It wasn’t just any normal dream, but a vision. He saw a child running across a sandy plain from some unseen beast. Tentacles were lashing out from everywhere, trying to trip the boy up and drag him back to where he’d come from. The dream then changed focus, and Almott saw a man with blue hair and eyes, wearing the clothes and disposition of a noble, smiling at the unfolding scene.

Almott woke in a cold sweat just in time to see a cloud of noxious fumes coming from the corner of his room, from which a nightmarish monster appeared. He rushed from the room, making enough noise to wake the party. Nevitash, in the next room over, was the first to come to his aid. The beast fought back, and forced them out into the common room. Kratos, fighting a hangover that could only have come from divine retribution, joined the fray. The party fought as hard as they could, but no progress seemed to be made. Just when all hope seemed lost, two strangers appeared with the owner of the tavern, who with a cry of “MY TAVERN” launched straight into battle. The tavern owner was beaten to a pulp straight away, but the two strangers managed to beat the monster to the point that it fled through the chimney.

With the monster dispatched the strangers, or rather the female of the two, introduced themselves as Samel and Almalexia. They took the party outside, so they could tell them about a mission they had for them. They heard a scream, and found, when the went to check it out, a group of travelers who had been attacked and killed. While they were doing so, Almott was attacked by the beast again. Samel and Almalexia went to his rescue and dispatched the hound once and for all. They told the party about it, a Hound of Tundalis, that it was a creature summoned through complicated magic for the purpose of assassinations. When asked if he had done anything to anger anyone important, Almott told them of the dream he had had. Almalexia conjured an image of the blue-haired stranger and enlightened the party about the existence of the Amir race. They were a race in which only two existed anymore, and as such believed they were a superior race.

The party, seeing as how someone had dared summon an extra-dimensional beast to kill one of them, decided to pay the Amir a little visit. Almalexia, her curiosity piqued, decided to accompany the party forcing Samel into the position that he had to come as well to protect her. Getting a ride via dragon to Amir Island, the group went straight to the Amir’s palace where they followed there well-honed “danger sense” to pinpoint the location of the Amir. They were in a basement torture chamber with a host of minions all conducting some sort of dark summoning ritual. The Amir noticed their presence almost immediately, and initiated a conversation which brought several things to light. They were undoubtedly evil, and it was they who summoned the Hound of Tundalis to kill Almott, because they believed he was spying on them over the great distance. Hearing all they needed to hear, the party to decided a total genocide of the Amir (there being only two it wouldn’t be too difficult) was the only viable option…naturally.

A battle ensued, in which the small boy was saved and the torturers were killed without mercy. In the end it was only because of Almalexia and Samel that the party could complete their mission. With the Amir dead, the devas told the party that a new king would need to be crowned, and of the trial that would soon ensue to find him.

Day 3 (Pathos)

Upon returning to the Baron Xanatos’ home the group found him and Damakos with the most stunning humanoid they’d ever laid eyes on. The group learned that her name was Aramantha, Queen of the vampires and that she had a small favor to ask of Xanatos and his men. She explained that the clan Drakul has been feeding information to The Order of the Flame and that something must be done about this. She requests that the group deal with it while she attends to more immediate tasks Pathos has set before her.

Aramantha sends her protege Adara to help them in case things got too dangerous for the mere mortals. Before leaving the manor Damakos approached them and reminded that they were to plant the contaminated egg within the hatchery. Adrie, ran to do the mission, as she was the quickest and ran into Adalinda, the great Song Dragon. With the protection of Pathos, Adrie made it back to the group and onto slay many Drakul.

After making deals, or slaying, three covens they found the oldest of the Drakul. Vlad Drakul stood beside his mistress and a battle of rather epic levels came to be. Adara proved her usefulness by helping dispatch many of the minions that attacked Pathos’ heroes. In the midst of battle Ionaice too some of Adara’s blood and became her ghoul.

The group, though with some trouble, staked all the vampires aside from Vlad Drakul. They left him with a warning that Aramantha was not one to toy with, and next time he wouldn’t be spared.

Day Six (Dwanya)

The day was “Wintersday,” a day of celebration and festivities. The party was having a celebration of their own, when they were given a mission by a mysterious letter that appeared out of nowhere and was signed “Sandy Clawes,” on of the two Wintersday apparitions. Among the party, coincidentally, not a one had any family they should have been celebrating with, except Morgan who was doing so. They were to travel north to find the source of a disturbance.

Somehow the party managed to get to their destination—a feat none of them could remember how they did—and found a set of strange men ringing bells and holding out buckets for money offerings. Nevitash, having a fair amount of money for reasons he was unsure of (it just seemed to materialize) threw some gold into one of the pots. The jinglers kept up their jingling. Moving forward, thinking they would be past unmolested, the party is attacked by trees and the jinglers. The party didn’t take well to this, and decided to kill the bastards who dared to attack them. After the massacre (most fitting from such paragons of good) the group stormed the castle, where they found…

Toys. Lots of toys. Toys such as square-wheeled trains, Charlie-in-the-boxes, Tickle-Me-Grenths, and so on. But they also saw an abnormally small and festively dressed dragon. Assuming this was the reason they had been called, the group attacked. The toys were taken down easily, but the dragon did some considerable damage and took a good amount of planning to finally defeat. Once it was taken down, the spirit within it was set free, the Hogfather—the second of the Wintersday apparitions. Before flying off to create mischief, he left a bag of gifts for the group as thanks.

Day Two (Pathos)

The party awoke to find the Baron had a new set of missions for them, as well as a new comrade. The one they decided to undertake was to exorcise a haunted villa that would then serve as a rest-house for supporters of Pathos. Keiross, Damakos’ dragon, flew them to the villa. As soon as Leviticus and Loki got to the middle of the room, the chandelier fell on them. Mezzer, the brave, brave albino that he was, took the first venturous steps up the stairway…and fell into a gaping hole. The party followed, most of them running to get away from Kairon and his aura-of-doom. After some searching, and accidents caused by mysterious purple fire, the group wound up in a basement area filled with steam pipes. Searching the various rooms, after finding out that water heated to point that it becomes a gas and is later pressurized will hurt you if you make direct contact with it, the party finds some interesting things. The only item worth anything was a switch, found by Doctor Leviticus Blue T.M.D (Theoretical Medical Doctorate), that turned on the steam vents, thereby unlocking the only exit not filled with pressurized steam and three feet wide.

More searching and poltergeist activity ensued, leading the party to a library with an elevator that only went up. Mezzer found a book that increased his already sizable chess abilities (and there by exponentially multiplied his “nerd” quotient), and Ionaice found a diary of the previous lady-of-the-house, while the rest of the party found only kindling and emergency toilet paper. Going up the elevator (an ordeal in itself, as no one wanted to be near Kairon) led them to the second floor of the entrance. Kairon, being the first up by a good margin, found the only unlocked door. Inside a child’s room, Kairon spent the time waiting for his comrades by playing with toys he’d never seen before, and in doing so found a portrait of a happy family—with one exception. The father was drawn with a demonic countenance. The party, trying every door on the floor except the one that was initially open, entered the child’s room and went straight to the back, where they found one of the old symbols of Pathos. Violet flames erupted around the room, and the party retreated to find the flames covering the entire first floor. The second floor was the only safe place, as it was faintly lit by green flames. Kairon jumped over the banister as soon as he possibly could, to engage the ghost that had just appeared. The rest, most of whom had the ability to fight from a distance, stayed on the second floor. Due to some failure the second floor became a soundless zone, showing Loki’s greatest weakness. He went into a frenzy, grabbed the nearest person to him, the newcomer whom no one had bothered to learn the name of, and threw him straight at the phantom. On the way through, he flew through Kairon’s aura—and in doing so felt the strange sensation of something kicking his ass mentally—and straight into the ghost. The fight raged on, blows being exchanged, blood being spilt, and the chandelier being coated in acid. The ghost, seeing his defeat become more likely, retreated to attack from afar, and was followed by the newbie. The ghost, having led someone into its trap, threw the chandelier into the poor soul, bringing him near death, and finishing him off by pushing him into the hole in the stairs to be impaled. Kairon took the opportunity to charge up and deal the final blow.

The party took back the symbol of Pathos and went to report their success to the Baron, and receive their rewards for a job well done.

Day One (Pathos)

In the middle of a number of activities ranging from traveling to praying, experimenting to fighting, a number of people are teleported to the home of the esteemed tiefling, Baron Xanatos. They were met by a very attractive female tiefling who named herself as Damakos. After the wayward group took a few moments to assess their new comrades—and realized to stay away from the dragon creature—Damakos gave them a brief overview of why they had been gathered, and set of missions they could undertake for the Baron Xanatos. The group, after an argument, decided to go and kill cultists of a lesser god who dared to defy Pathos, and rescue the elusive Scarlet Shadow. Brought to the floating continent of Vestigia by a dracolich, who was uncomfortable the whole way for reasons unknown to all but Damakos and the half-dragon, the party quickly found a warehouse that seemed to be the base of the cultists. They found a strange symbol on the ground that seemed suspicious. After several minutes of fruitless searching, the symbol began to glow and a woman who looked very tired appeared before them. The assassin, using his natural finesse, found out that the woman had come from below using an incantation that teleported anyone on the symbol. He convinced her to take them down, but only after hunting for rabbits to eat. After some talking and lying one of the fighters, Leviticus Blue, found the Scarlet Shadow. With their mission almost complete, the group had only to dispatch the cultists. In the ensuing fight, Leviticusunleashed a deva who had been captured, who instantly showed her anger and power through the use of her Dirge Singer abilities. The Avenger of the group and the Deva hit it off quite well, and after the massacre was complete, they headed back to the Baron’s mansion.

One the way the next mission, the party received their first clue as to the identity of the dragon creature, in the form of the dracolich saying “I can smell your father on you.“ Their next mission was to destroy a town, which was done quite easily, with much malice, and very quickly.

The final mission was to kidnap the wizard Arlyali in the kingdom of Drimonia. Damakos escorted them, via magical transport, the home of one the members of The Order of the Flame, and her sister, Lucius Nobleblood. After conversing with her for a time, they went to the local magical academy where they found the esteemed—if not somewhat infamous—teacher Arlyali in a debate with fellow teachers. Just by listening, the group learned how to use a spell that was normally only usable by wizards. They, somehow, convinced Arlyali to come with them, and in doing so heard the same cryptic clue about the dragon creature, Kairon Fiendline’s, background. Arlyali mentioned knowing his father, which Kairon replied with saying he was searching for him and that he’d given him the gift of “never being left ‘unarmed,’” to which Arlyali pointed out was a sense of humor similar to Kairon’s father. The assassin convinced Arlyali, on the way to a banquet held by Lucius they had previously been invited too, to teach them another spell, this time to counteract Kairon’s mysterious damaging aura. At the banquet, the Avenger used a potion, bought through shady means, to knock Lucius unconscious. Convincing Arlyali to let them escort Lucius to a to her room (deciding it best to bring the girl back at a later time), the group used the transport room to take them all back to the Baron’s mansion, where Arlyali was frozen in solidified dark magic.

Day Five (Dwanya)

After speaking to Owen the party went straight for the next group of cultists with what could be described as dutiful blood lust. Finding the cultists around the dead body of a woman, the group found extra motivation to send the evil-doers to their graves. Rather easily, they were dispatched, but as the last breath of life was expelled a soul-eating demon was summoned. The beast was easily weakened considerably, and Owen convinced the beast to go after a second group of cultists, and gave the party a ride on his draco-lich back to Pheonix. Owen’s dragon told the heroes some of his past, that his soul was stolen by the Baron Xanatos while he was taking a ‘nap’.

The party were dropped off at a local temple, where they were greeted by Lucius, Tikalan Shadowsoul, and Arlyali who brought gifts. Arlyali taught everyone a new spell, Tikalan gave them all a magic shadow key, and Lucius gave them a piece of paper that would grant them free room and board to all inn’s friendly with The Order of the Flame. With a little encouragement, the party was told the history of The Order of the Flame, and how they went about getting their dragons, which she saw in hindsight was not such a good idea. The group decided it would help their mission greatly if they joined the Order, so they set off to start their tests. Lucius and Adalinda took them to a run down temple of Avandra for their first test. They noticed that the halls were lined with statues of heroes in battle positions, with mismatched gems at their feet. Nevitash decided to walk forward to look for traps. After setting off the first, the party decided to put the gems with their matches. The hero statues assumed regular standing positions, and the group went forward to the altar at the back of the temple. They noticed a statue of one of the most famous dragon riders, Aldern with his hands out like he was reading, and a bare pedestal. After some searching of the pedestal, they found a strange book with their names in it, and put it in the hands of the statue. It read out a ritual that summoned Ancalagon the Magnificent, who, with some jovial jesting of the magnificent variety, he gave the party a set of riddles. After passing, he told the group to seek out their Soul Crystals, with help from the Lore Master Aindra.

Aindra told them the story of the Dark Wars, Pern, and Aldern. They also met Rynn and her Golden Dragon Arock and spoke to them both briefly. With more understanding about the power and strength of the order they started out to retrieve their dragons.

Day Four (Dwanya)

The first thing the party noticed was their good old tree friend, Tr’Terra, was out of the wagon and completely conscious. Madame D’Winterpresented them with a mysterious box and told them they had been summoned by Princess Anne, so they set out post-haste. To their surprise, it wasn’t just the princess, but the queens of Dracmore and Drimonia who were there to greet them. The first business to come up was the mysterious magic box. It was obviously from Dracmore, but it was thanks to the wizard Arlyali and Tika that the party found it was holding a component for a high level control ritual used by Death Cults. Dragon Rider Lucius was there as well, who gave offered the party the assistance should it be needed. The audience was interrupted by none other than the goddess Dwanya—head of the Five Great Gods—to offer the party a mission and a place in her campaign against a host of Gods trying to break in from other dimensions. The party gladly accepted, and was transported, via Lucius’ dragon companion Adalinda , to a dryad forest that had been invaded by a Death Cult. The party, avaricious for justice, quickly found the heads of the invasion and battle ensued. The minions were dispatched easily, and soon all that was left was a Maggot Witch and a rather peculiar Lich. Xanros, not being entirely himself, waited some time to talk to the enemies, and found that the Lich, named Owen, had no desire to fight, and convinced him to withdraw. Left alone with just the Witch, the party could focus its fury, and she was quickly dispatched. The party then talked to Owen, and found that had been turned into a Lich against his will by a tiefling named Xanatos, and had been given the mission to protect Lucius from harm. Some members of the party promised—and one swore—to find Owen’s phylactery and set him free. With another group of cultists to kill, the party set out for more “justice."

Day Three (Dwanya)

While Madame D’winter treated the party to food—of various levels of rawness—and drinks as reward for their job well done in rescuing Tikalan, a strange woman bursts through the door, sobbing, calling for her son Timothy. Xanros and Morgan are by her side as soon as humanly possible (they being two of the only humans in the party), to assist in any way possible. Kratos, sensing an opportunity to make money, asks around to the patrons why no one seems to care. The reason is that the woman is witch, and magic of any sort other than the most benevolent is feared—at which point Almott and Nevitash, being able to spy on people through telepathy, do their best to be as nonchalant as possible.

After some coaxing Xanros gets the woman to tell him that her son was abducted by werewolves, causing the naïve young thing to rush to the nearest shop to buy all the silver he could find. While he is doing so, Nevitash attempts to gently probe the witch’s mind to see if she is telling the truth. He finds himself unable to do so and, with help from Almott, finds the cause to be the woman’s necklace, which some religious insight tells them to be a God-forged amulet of the dark gods Zehir and Lolth.

Miss D’Winter’s reluctant assistance is required for the acquisition of the silver weaponry, and Xanros and Morgan are fully prepared to set out to hunt the werewolves. Kratos, Almott, and Nevitash are much more reluctant, having seen all the suspicious signs—the amulet protecting her mind, the way the villagers treat the witch, and the type of magic she is said to use—as evidence these matters are best left alone, as Miss D’Winter suggested. But, they go along anyway, out of a sense of duty and a small amount of greed possibly.

Searching the distraught mother’s house leads the party to the forest, where the supposedly evil werewolves seem to be protecting Timothy and another child. The party realizes the witch was lying (which three-fifths of them already suspected) just in time to find her behind them with a demon. After a fierce, but short, battle Mama D’s assistance is one again required. She dispatches the demon easily, and deals a fatal wound to the witch, leaving Kratos to behead her.

The Werewolf clan, was slaughtered by the witch save for the children and grandma. Grandma has sworn that you will have the alliance of the Silver Paw Pack and all allied packs will know of your groups open mindedness.


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