Ardent Wilden - Leader



There was a time when the forests of Kuulta were lush and green, thriving off of the abundant nutrients and magical energy in the ground. Filled with water lights and bubbling brooks, as well as numerous beautiful plants and animals roaming through the trees made the forest the best that all of Tundalia could offer. Kuulta was, undoubtedly, the forest of dreams; but there is no dream that will eventually turn sour. Kuulta, the dream forest, was fated from the very beginning to fall into a nightmare. In its prime, the spirits of Kuulta were not so ignorant as to leave their forest unprotected. Numerous magical, natural, and spiritual creatures filled the forest and, given the command, would give up their lives for its continued prosperity. Among the magical creatures were faeries and wisps, each with abilities to stun and slow any attacker. Among the the natural creatures were all the beasts of the forest, from felines to canines and from equines to avians, and even the occasional reptile or amphibian in some capacity. These beasts made use of their innate strength and abilities to fight toe to toe, claw to claw, and maw to maw with any foe. Finally, the spirits of the forest that inhabited the trees and plants themselves and was a part of the forest as a whole would lose their lives if they chose not to fight back; and with their spiritual powers, could fell many mortal foes with little effort. They say luck favors the prepared, in war. The forest of Kuulta, defended by its large variety of inhabitants and even its four heroes, was certainly prepared. Satine, the Centaur Fey Charger, and her seemingly limitless mastery over elemental magic to use against foes, fought for the forest until the swing of a blade rendered her powerful form utterly lifeless. The second hero, Madness the Cyclops, despite his immense strength disappeared in the midst of battle; even after causing dozens of casualties with his evil eye. The third hero was one from the forest, and he had no name. The Wilden, whose only special abilities pertained to emotions, fought with a Dwarven Maul to rend enemies apart, and kept up with Satine for the duration of the assault. The fourth hero, a human, was the wolf among sheep. The elemental Summoner, by the name of Route, fought against his perceived enemies with elemental beasts and constructs that he himself conjured up from the nature that surrounded him. It has been only a decade ([CITATION NEEDED]) since the forest of Kuulta fell, and the results of the clash on the first day are still evident on that ground to this day. The force that came to assault Kuulta came not from a foreign land, but instead from within. Created by the Summoner, Route, the plague at the center of the Kuulta forest quickly spread. The growing plague and corruption within the magic charged forest took like fire on oil and opened the way for hundreds of low level demons to spill forth into the pure forest. Initially, the forest could fight back against the plague and corruption, but a plague feels no fatigue and has no need to rest. The plague ever so slightly crept further into the forest during each moment that it was left unchecked. The four heroes, still ignorant to the betrayal from within, proceeded to the center of the forest to squelch the corruption from whence it came.

Satine, cut down by Route’s blade, was the first to fall. The Wilden, bombarded by Route’s most powerful plague spell, fell second. Distraught by his own inability to react faster, Madness had no chance against Route. His swings were sluggish from constant use, his accuracy was off from the tears streaming from his eye, and his confidence was shaken from the betrayal of one he thought he could trust. The battle ended as Route cast his final spell, the single spell that would obliterate any hope that Madness or Kuulta forest would ever have of recovering and triumphing over the corruption. The spell tore through the forest, like cracks tear through thin ice, obliterating demons, creatures, trees, and in general any life it came across.

Kuulta fell. One hero fled. One hero became a villain. Two heroes died—Except that one of those two heroes failed to die. Three years after the fall of the Kuulta forest, the Wilden awoke. His form was broken and mangled, his once pure bark and light sap was tainted and corrupted by the spellplague that now afflicted his body. Breaking his own limbs off in order to free himself from the debris that pinned him down, and then recovering and attaching his limbs once more, the Wilden spent three weeks among the destroyed, plague ridden remains of the forest. No life remained, all the green had been torn from the pure dream forest that had once stood here. The Wilden, without Kuulta to call home, took hold of a nearby Maul and shield and departed from the hell that had been created. The demons paid him no heed as he left, needing only see the spellscars that lined his body. The first town that the Wilden arrived at was a small town, north of Kuulta, where he encountered his first dwarf. “TrsnTerra! Feh!” He muttered “Tr’Terra ismore like it!” he shook his head, looking at the Wilden with distaste before walking away. That first encounter, after a Dwarf failed to say “Trees in Terra? Feh. TreeTerra is more like it.” To show his distaste of walking trees and the town’s, named Terra, acceptance of them; that encounter resulted in the Wilden taking on a name. Tr’Terra.

- – - -

Following that backstory, Tr’Terra proceeded to wander the continent and master his abilities (both Ardent and Spellscar) as well as search to cure any forests or prevent plague or abhorrent creatures from spreading. The following is the required information, spelled out:

Primary Goal: Purge plagues/corruption across the land. His secondary goal, which he does not remember due to the trauma of being blasted by Route, is to actually find and defeat Route. Revenge!

Secrets: Tr’Terra secretly believes that, unless the Gods are actively doing something for the world, that they are utterly useless. Tr’Terra doesn’t know that his bloodsap is able to create plagues and corruption in forests and plant life. It will be a damn tragic day when he finds out.

People: Route (Elemental Summoner – EVIL), Madness (Cyclops), and Satine (Centaur) if you want her to be undead but friendly!

Memory: Being blasted by Route’s spell, seeing fire and darkness. Created Tr’Terra’s pyrophobia.

Mannerism: Will constantly grow more vines, plants, flowers, or leaves on any of his weapons and equipment.

Quirk: Unfailingly polite to everything that isn’t on fire.


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