Dwanya's Request

Day Two (Pathos)

The party awoke to find the Baron had a new set of missions for them, as well as a new comrade. The one they decided to undertake was to exorcise a haunted villa that would then serve as a rest-house for supporters of Pathos. Keiross, Damakos’ dragon, flew them to the villa. As soon as Leviticus and Loki got to the middle of the room, the chandelier fell on them. Mezzer, the brave, brave albino that he was, took the first venturous steps up the stairway…and fell into a gaping hole. The party followed, most of them running to get away from Kairon and his aura-of-doom. After some searching, and accidents caused by mysterious purple fire, the group wound up in a basement area filled with steam pipes. Searching the various rooms, after finding out that water heated to point that it becomes a gas and is later pressurized will hurt you if you make direct contact with it, the party finds some interesting things. The only item worth anything was a switch, found by Doctor Leviticus Blue T.M.D (Theoretical Medical Doctorate), that turned on the steam vents, thereby unlocking the only exit not filled with pressurized steam and three feet wide.

More searching and poltergeist activity ensued, leading the party to a library with an elevator that only went up. Mezzer found a book that increased his already sizable chess abilities (and there by exponentially multiplied his “nerd” quotient), and Ionaice found a diary of the previous lady-of-the-house, while the rest of the party found only kindling and emergency toilet paper. Going up the elevator (an ordeal in itself, as no one wanted to be near Kairon) led them to the second floor of the entrance. Kairon, being the first up by a good margin, found the only unlocked door. Inside a child’s room, Kairon spent the time waiting for his comrades by playing with toys he’d never seen before, and in doing so found a portrait of a happy family—with one exception. The father was drawn with a demonic countenance. The party, trying every door on the floor except the one that was initially open, entered the child’s room and went straight to the back, where they found one of the old symbols of Pathos. Violet flames erupted around the room, and the party retreated to find the flames covering the entire first floor. The second floor was the only safe place, as it was faintly lit by green flames. Kairon jumped over the banister as soon as he possibly could, to engage the ghost that had just appeared. The rest, most of whom had the ability to fight from a distance, stayed on the second floor. Due to some failure the second floor became a soundless zone, showing Loki’s greatest weakness. He went into a frenzy, grabbed the nearest person to him, the newcomer whom no one had bothered to learn the name of, and threw him straight at the phantom. On the way through, he flew through Kairon’s aura—and in doing so felt the strange sensation of something kicking his ass mentally—and straight into the ghost. The fight raged on, blows being exchanged, blood being spilt, and the chandelier being coated in acid. The ghost, seeing his defeat become more likely, retreated to attack from afar, and was followed by the newbie. The ghost, having led someone into its trap, threw the chandelier into the poor soul, bringing him near death, and finishing him off by pushing him into the hole in the stairs to be impaled. Kairon took the opportunity to charge up and deal the final blow.

The party took back the symbol of Pathos and went to report their success to the Baron, and receive their rewards for a job well done.



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