Dwanya's Request

Day Six (Dwanya)

The day was “Wintersday,” a day of celebration and festivities. The party was having a celebration of their own, when they were given a mission by a mysterious letter that appeared out of nowhere and was signed “Sandy Clawes,” on of the two Wintersday apparitions. Among the party, coincidentally, not a one had any family they should have been celebrating with, except Morgan who was doing so. They were to travel north to find the source of a disturbance.

Somehow the party managed to get to their destination—a feat none of them could remember how they did—and found a set of strange men ringing bells and holding out buckets for money offerings. Nevitash, having a fair amount of money for reasons he was unsure of (it just seemed to materialize) threw some gold into one of the pots. The jinglers kept up their jingling. Moving forward, thinking they would be past unmolested, the party is attacked by trees and the jinglers. The party didn’t take well to this, and decided to kill the bastards who dared to attack them. After the massacre (most fitting from such paragons of good) the group stormed the castle, where they found…

Toys. Lots of toys. Toys such as square-wheeled trains, Charlie-in-the-boxes, Tickle-Me-Grenths, and so on. But they also saw an abnormally small and festively dressed dragon. Assuming this was the reason they had been called, the group attacked. The toys were taken down easily, but the dragon did some considerable damage and took a good amount of planning to finally defeat. Once it was taken down, the spirit within it was set free, the Hogfather—the second of the Wintersday apparitions. Before flying off to create mischief, he left a bag of gifts for the group as thanks.



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