Dwanya's Request

Day Seven (Dwanya)

The party, by way a very grumpy dragon (having been pulled away from his dragonly duties), was dropped by the inn The Slaughtered Lamb, though it was a second location on the outskirts of Pheonix. Most went straight to their rooms and fell asleep, but Kratos took the liberty of helping the bar with it’s problem of overstocked alcohol. Xanros was sitting in front of the fireplace on the second floor, talking to his fire spirit familiar. Eventually Kratos drunkenly staggered his way up and, thankfully, into an unoccupied room.

Some time in the middle of the night Almott had a dream. It wasn’t just any normal dream, but a vision. He saw a child running across a sandy plain from some unseen beast. Tentacles were lashing out from everywhere, trying to trip the boy up and drag him back to where he’d come from. The dream then changed focus, and Almott saw a man with blue hair and eyes, wearing the clothes and disposition of a noble, smiling at the unfolding scene.

Almott woke in a cold sweat just in time to see a cloud of noxious fumes coming from the corner of his room, from which a nightmarish monster appeared. He rushed from the room, making enough noise to wake the party. Nevitash, in the next room over, was the first to come to his aid. The beast fought back, and forced them out into the common room. Kratos, fighting a hangover that could only have come from divine retribution, joined the fray. The party fought as hard as they could, but no progress seemed to be made. Just when all hope seemed lost, two strangers appeared with the owner of the tavern, who with a cry of “MY TAVERN” launched straight into battle. The tavern owner was beaten to a pulp straight away, but the two strangers managed to beat the monster to the point that it fled through the chimney.

With the monster dispatched the strangers, or rather the female of the two, introduced themselves as Samel and Almalexia. They took the party outside, so they could tell them about a mission they had for them. They heard a scream, and found, when the went to check it out, a group of travelers who had been attacked and killed. While they were doing so, Almott was attacked by the beast again. Samel and Almalexia went to his rescue and dispatched the hound once and for all. They told the party about it, a Hound of Tundalis, that it was a creature summoned through complicated magic for the purpose of assassinations. When asked if he had done anything to anger anyone important, Almott told them of the dream he had had. Almalexia conjured an image of the blue-haired stranger and enlightened the party about the existence of the Amir race. They were a race in which only two existed anymore, and as such believed they were a superior race.

The party, seeing as how someone had dared summon an extra-dimensional beast to kill one of them, decided to pay the Amir a little visit. Almalexia, her curiosity piqued, decided to accompany the party forcing Samel into the position that he had to come as well to protect her. Getting a ride via dragon to Amir Island, the group went straight to the Amir’s palace where they followed there well-honed “danger sense” to pinpoint the location of the Amir. They were in a basement torture chamber with a host of minions all conducting some sort of dark summoning ritual. The Amir noticed their presence almost immediately, and initiated a conversation which brought several things to light. They were undoubtedly evil, and it was they who summoned the Hound of Tundalis to kill Almott, because they believed he was spying on them over the great distance. Hearing all they needed to hear, the party to decided a total genocide of the Amir (there being only two it wouldn’t be too difficult) was the only viable option…naturally.

A battle ensued, in which the small boy was saved and the torturers were killed without mercy. In the end it was only because of Almalexia and Samel that the party could complete their mission. With the Amir dead, the devas told the party that a new king would need to be crowned, and of the trial that would soon ensue to find him.



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