The Professor


Oliver dreams of becoming an awesome inventor, and has no qualms about telling everyone he meets as such. Most just laugh off the idea as he appears to just be a silly dreaming teenager (17). Upon arriving to the capital of Pazmad, Illuser, he planned on apprenticing with the greatest inventor in all of Pazmad. When he arrived in Illuser he finds, instead of what he expected, a young woman who wants to be called The Professor and seems to be behind all the amazing inventions in this day and age.

After much begging and a slight rescue she agrees to apprentice him.

The Professor

The Professor is the reason for most of the major inventions in Pazmad within the last five years. She worked alongside her father in their tiny cluttered shop in Illuser till he died. When he passed she inherited his talent and keeps his business alive.

The Professors real name is Elizabeth Systera but she refuses to go by such a title. The only time she uses her name is when referring to her shop. She is a fairly cute girl at the age of twenty, though she will tell anyone that she is twenty-four.

She spends most of her time in her atelier and thus does not have much experience with other people. She often appears impolite, blunt, and far too honest. She accepts Oliver as her apprentice.


The Professor

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