Scarlet Shadow

The reward for bringing him in dead OR alive is 10,000,000 gold pieces.

If only the authorities knew that he was a member of the great Windscar family. Max’s appearance does not match the rest of his families, who’s eyes are green and hair is black. His hair is a crimson while his eyes sport an amethyst hue.

The Scarlet Shadow is the best thief on all of Tundalia though he doesn’t steal for the money, but rather the challenge. He has been known to break into difficult places and just leave pieces of paper with a heart drawn upon it. He is the leader of the thieves guild, and most of the good thieves of Tundalia answer to him, though most have never seen him.

He is known as a playboy of sorts when in his hometown of Bamvamire, though everywhere he goes he seems to rarely spend the night alone.

Scarlet Shadow

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