Always seems to be angry. He is teamed up with Almalexia and seems to always be watching her. It is common for people to comment that they thought messengers of the Gods were supposed to be nice, after meeting him.


Samel seems to be close to no one aside from Almalexia whom it seems he has affections toward. He was found wandering alone on the country side by a family of farmers. Who, despite his odd appearance, took him in and helped him learn to survive and get by in a world he seemed to have no recollection of.

They taught him morals and of the gods. After living with them for many years he moved out to work at a temple and from there trained to be a servant of the Goddess Avandra. It was there that he met Almalexia, and felt instantly drawn to her. They have worked together for six years despite her constant complaints that he isn’t very good conversation.

He struggles to learn more about his past and impress his partner.



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