Rynn grew up in a small village with her little brother Dylan. In the village she was the best fighter, based mostly on raw skill. She and her brother went training with the local hermit, who it was rumored was a master of seven fighting styles. This was only a slight exaggeration, he had mastered six and had taken on Rynn to carry on his legacy. She and Dylan both trained diligently for many years under him. Until his death they remained in his home, but when he died they returned to their town.

They helped to protect the town from raiders. It wasn’t till one night when Rynn was out on patrol that it happened. The forces of Xanatos’ came into the town and destroyed everything to make a new base for a general in his army. Among the bodies she saw many corpses but none of her brother. She gave her townsfolk proper burials after killing those who were still on their terrain .

She then sought to find a way to fight back and find her brother . That’s when she was sought by The Order of the Flame and Bonded with Arock. Together they fight to retrieve Dylan and protect others from Xanatos’ forces. She and Arock have been fighting side by side for over one hundred years.



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