Pazmad is the eastern most country of Tundalia. They are also second, only to Dracmore, when it comes to xenophobia and rudeness. They do not take kindly to outsiders and are in most cases not willing to trade with anyone but their own people. This often frustrates the other people on the continent due to Pazmad’s significant advances in the field of technology.

The Pazmadian government is what is known as a technocracy ruled by a board of their most intelligent citizens. Though there is also a figure head that is referred to as the Pazmadian Princess she has no real power. Her duty is to be the face of the Pazmadian people for all of Tundalia. She is bound to any decisions her technocrats decide upon.

The advances they have brought the kingdom into what they refer to as the steam revolution. They have created carriages that run off heated water. They will not share the information with outsiders, and though most Pazmadian’s know how to use the technology, only the scientists and tinkers know how they really work.

Despite the technocratic government the people have a fairly capitalistic economy. There are few monopolies. The few monopolies in the country are the power company (Stark family), mortuary proceedings ( Banehand family), and Communication (Tormae family).

Cities of Note
Illuser- Capitol


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