In life Owen was an ill mannered caster with a nasty habit for killing prostitutes, after sleeping with them of course. Owen was a man who could charm any woman but never, willingly on his part, brought a respectable one to his bed. After all, if he brought a respectable woman to his bed he would have to kill them. Killing a respectable woman would weigh on his conscious too much.

Owen grew up wealthy enough and easily enough. Things weren’t particularly difficult for him at any point. The only sign of difficulty was when the love of his life a young thing, by the name of Johanna Barker, left him for his dear friend (and only male victim) Charles Sondheim. The two of them even have the audacity to ask Owen to speak at their wedding. He did, and on their honeymoon…he butchered him.

It was amazing that no one ever found out, aside from the Baron Xanatos. The Baron called Owen to his keep and through a sick twist of the lich-hood ritual, stole Owen’s soul and locked it away. His current mission is to protect the Tiefling Lucius and keep her from harms way. She has since used this fact to manipulate the situation and force him to fight for her side.



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