The patron goddess of music wears many masks, appearing in myriad forms. Patrons of the arts effusively praise her particularly in the courts of the wealthy but some fear her as a temperamental goddess. Behind her beautiful façade, some say, she maintains a deep communion with chaos. Displays of art and culture please her, but her wrath is terrible to behold. Her followers use her magic for illusion, trickery, and deception, twisting the magic of others to suit their own goals. By her whims, her enemies are brutalized by despair and hopelessness, while her beautiful followers are elevated to heights of rapture.

Artists often portray Lyssa as two goddesses: twin figures of exquisite beauty entwined in an eternal dance. In Tundalia, the masks may change, and the dance may change, but Lyssa’s dual nature does not. She is beautiful to some and terrifying to others.

Known Gifts given by Lyssa
Xanros Feylin- Lyssa’s luck



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