Lucius Nobleblood grew up with a father from Dracmore and a mother from Drimonia. This was done in an attempt to unify the kingdoms just a few years before the end of the war. This action gave the families much grief from the other nobles around them, but much respect in the eyes of their leaders. They both kept their homes in each land and as a gift from the queens they received a keep on the border. In this keep on the border was where Lucius spent a good deal of her childhood.

When things tensed between the kingdoms the family had to go back to their respective keeps and their daughter would visit them depending on the seasons. Her mother would see her in the spring and summer and teach her history and compassion. While in the winter and fall seasons she would visit her father and he would teach her ruthlessness and battle magic. Together their lessons made her a fearsome fighter and the pride of the kingdoms.

It was at age twelve that she was scouted by Arlyali for the Nesabiel Academy of Thaumaturgy and Sorcery. She studied there as the only students to /not/ request a mentor change after working under Arlyali. As such, she is his favorite pupil and is welcome in his labs and libraries at anytime.

Upon graduating at the Academy she went to work for the Queen of Dracmore for two years and then transferred to work for the Queen of Drimonia for her remaining two years. Now at age twenty two she is embracing the star pact and has become a Student of Caiphon, a member of The Order of the Flame.

Her exploits and displays of power have caught the attention of the Baron Xanatos and Balthazar.

Her dragon is Adalinda. And in her possession she has a baby dragon (Norbert), a Fairy Dragon (Flitterwing), and a spectral panther (Cringer).



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