Dark Union

The Order of the Flame in the beginning was a voluntary organization of peacekeepers and evil-fighters that soon spread its philosophy all over the world. Thus began the Golden Age for Tundalia. But humans, and other creatures, cannot be happy for so long and very soon a secret society, the Dark Union, whose members strived for personal power rather than the equality proclaimed by the Bonded, was formed to destroy the Order of the Flame once and for all. By the end of the Golden Age, the Order was betrayed by the man, of whom nobody even dared to suspect a betrayal. Navaros, a brilliant war mage and a prominent member of the Order, was also a secret member of the Union and its self-crowned leader. He was the one who started the Dark Wars.

The Dark Wars devastated the world of Tundalia. The foul and evil creatures created by the Union replaced animals and minor races. Whole continents were scorched but neither side was able to win. It was then that Navaros had used his last resort – by twisting and perverting the ancient Bond ritual he devoured the soul of his dragon companion, Keiross, and became a beast of dragon power and human cunning. The new Navaros was nearly invincible, but a mighty hero named Aldern and his dragon companion Ancalagon were able to face him, armed with weapons forged by the God’s themselves.

In the last fight between the Order and the Dark Union, Aldern thrust his lade into Navaros’ heart while he was performing his final act of evil magic; after this, when the smoke cleared, both armies lay decimated, and where Navaros had stood, Aldern lay dead in a smoldering crater. Ancalagon retired to a small cave deep in the mountains for eternal sleep. The remaining dragons soon followed his example. The Dark Wars were over and both Order of the Flame and the Dark Union were no more. At least, so it seemed back then.

After the war was over and the Dragons had retreated from the world, life on Tundalia once returned to its pre-order state of lawlessness and chaos.

600 years later however, there were now two main groups of armies in the world; those supporting the Desert Lords and the other being the remnants of Navaros’ Dark Union. His forces needed help however and this involved the bringing back of Navaros from the rift through which he was cast when struck by the warrior Aldern. Navaros however, had only a spirit form and hence he needed a new body to inhabit. The body he chose was that of a boy, Arron. With out the boy’s agreement he took his body and his dragon. Now that he had his dragon he led a war. Using his powers to turn his dragon into a draco-lich.

It was then that the hero Pern awakened the dragon Ancalagon and in the final battle they destroyed Navaros forever, but at the cost of Pern’s life. It was said that this was the end of the Dark Union, but the recent activity of the Baron Xanatos suggests otherwise.

Dark Union

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