Worshiped by Warriors and Fire Elementalists, the Lord of War watches over the battlefields and arenas of the world. Monks who practice Protection and Smiting disciplines speak his name with reverence. Balthazar gives strength to soldiers marching into battle and any adventurer who’s ready for a fight. He guides the sharpened edge of a sword or axe so that it cuts deeply. Many insist that he watches over the battlegrounds of the world to see who glorifies his name. In arenas protected by his priests, followers demonstrate their prowess in battle to earn his favor.

Statues of Balthazar show him holding a greatsword, sometimes with a pair of faithful battle hounds sitting at his feet. Some Tundalia art portrays him with majestic lions or other predatory companions crouching beside him.

Known Gifts given by Balthazar
Kratos- Balthazar’s fire
Beherith- Balthazar’s fire
Morgan- Balthazar’s toy



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