It is said when the world was young the first king of Azuran went before the Great Gods and politely petitioned for the world around them to be made livable for his people who were just a group of broken tribes. They declined him. Legend says that he fell upon his knees and begged them. He said that if they were to survive as a people they needed a place to call their own. Melandru and Dwanya seemed moved by his display and cleared a place for Azuran between all the wilderness.

The country is protected on all sides from incoming attacks by the Red Mist Mountains, Admyrel, Kuulta, and Hermosa. Coming from the mountains is Emphaza Falls which brings the people water through a divinely protected stream system. Azuran is proof that the Gods are kind.

Until recently the kingdom was ruled by King Richard. However, upon his untimely demise the throne has been in turmoil. The next in line for the throne has been missing for years, leaving the young Princess Anne to try and find peace for her people. But to do that, she must fight against the two others who claim the right to the throne.

Azuran until a decision can be made being ruled by all three in an uneasy truce until some sort of decision can be made.

Cities of Note
Pheonix – the capitol


Dwanya's Request Zylphia