Arlyali was never a very good wizard. He, in fact, skill wise was the lowest in his class. Knowledge wise he was top notch. He was the best of the best, the kind of fellow you go to learn something, but not to save you. At the end of his extensive time at the prestigious Nesabiel Academy of Thaumaturgy and Sorcery he was sent to a rich home, as all who graduate are, to practice and be useful. He was given the chance of a life time, the position that all in the school wanted; he sent to be the magician for the royal family of Drimonia. Specifically he went to work for the King and his daughters.

It was there that he was given to be the personal wizard, and babysitter, for the king’s eldest daughter. So he followed the crowned princess around and soon became quite infatuated with the princess, Ileanna. However, much to his dismay, she seemed to care more about killing monsters and toppling evil monarchies. But he always stayed by her side both out of duty and love. When the end of his term of his employment with the family came about he was very surprised when she asked him tearfully to stay. Amazingly she seemed to become attached to his presence.

He, of course, stayed and is now one of her most trusted advisers. When he isn’t needed at court he is either spending his time with the queen or teaching at the Academy.



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