What your characters may know about her
One of the main generals of Xanatos’ army. Though in terms or brute strength she is arguably the weakest of the generals, her other skills make her irreplaceable. Her cunning brought her to this position of power and her know how is keeping here there. She is queen of the vampires. It is said that she is a very devout follower of Pathos.

Your evil characters know
Aramantha has taken a king’s niece as her protege: Adara Nadil

Her Backstory
She wasn’t always evil. She was once even a nice young girl. She had a beloved and a family possibly on the way. Family was what she always wanted. Count Magnus saw her, and upon seeing her became quite enamored with her wit, beauty, and charm. So one night, at a party she was attending with fellow nobles he attempted to woo her away from the man she intended to marry. With many a courtship dance failed he took matters into his own hands and changed her.

It is said that a vampire changed by one of higher rank is bound to serve their sire. There is no escape for these vampires, because these vampires are the ones that keep vampire society together. Things went well for the ‘happy couple’ for a couple centuries. She turned many people over the years men, women, and even children. (A good deal she killed later for security reasons) But Magnus allowed it, knowing that she deeply wished to be a mother.

He never suspected that she had long since broken from his control. He never suspected that she refused to live as his slave and that he would soon be hers. She had spent her free time researching ways to turn the tables and she’d found one. With a ritual from before the establishment of vampire society.

With him now attached to her hip and having to listen to her every order she quickly rose in ranks in society. Killing those in her path and aligning herself with the others. Her reputation quickly spread until even Xanatos had to acknowledge her skill. It was then that he recruited her and offered her her wildest dreams.


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