Amir Island

The Island of the Amir is a small and fairly primitive island off the western coast of Terris. The rulers of the island were traditionally ruled by the Amir family, though technically all who rule are given the title of Amir.

The island itself is a beautiful paradise. The island has never had a recorded cold day on the island. As such the clothes are fairly minimal. Most people are fairly simple though there is a class of scholars who work closely with the Amir.

The land is lush and fertile perfect for agricultural living. The entire island slopes northward, ending with a devastating cliff face at the northern most tip. This cliff face is used in the assigning of a new ruler.

The island has a sacred bird which guards a nest upon the aforementioned cliff. To gain the right to the throne you must scale the cliff and steal an egg from the sacred egg. You are then required to continue to the top of the cliff and leap off. If you and the egg survive you have a right to the throne (If you can make it to shore). If you die, the throne was not meant to be yours.

Now if someone completes the challenge while there is already another ruler the kingdom becomes an oligarchy instead of a monarchy. Or, the two rulers can duel. The first method is the more accepted.

Amir Island

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