The Amir is the family name, and also title, for one who rules over Amir Island. They are easily distinguished by their midnight blue hair and eyes. Anyone born of an Amir (while they are still in power and two generations after) has this noticeable feature. If someone gains the throne mysteriously their hair and eyes change to fit their station.

The ruling class of Amir have many strongholds scattering the island, though most were wiped out during the Dark Wars by the Dark Union in an effort to prevent any assistance to The Order of the Flame by the Amir.

In the history of the Amir there has only been one ruler that the people of Tundalia have remembered through time. Kaistern Amir was known for his peaceful tendencies and his love of traveling the other countries. When he was the lead Amir, their blue hair was seen in every kingdom.

Recently the Amir were all slain and a new Amir took the throne. It is said that his name is Nevitash Amir. It is said that he is the first to bring back the egg unbroken and rightfully gain the throne

Classic Appearence of the Amir


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