Aindra grew up in the highlight of intellectual society. At a very young age she would sit in the libraries with the oldest historians and pour over books with them. Together they would teach her of histories. She took to it better than any elf ever had and it wasn’t too long before she was awarded the title of Loremaster for the Eladrin.

This was a very prestigious honor and she was very honored. As she continued her studies she stumbled upon The Order of the Flame and The Dark Union. This discovery interested her immensely and she went to great lengths to search out and locate each of the places mentioned in the tales. Her searches and constant prying soon caught the attention of Ancalagon the Magnificent. Whom upon noticing her interest allowed her to know as much about the Order as he had the attention span to share.

He pleased her greatly and they spent many hours sharing stories. However, as they learned and shared Ancalagon got to see how people outside the order grew in age. He was very un-used to seeing someone grow in age. What he didn’t realize was how much slower she was actually aging than humans did. As what seemed to him were weeks passing she grew older and soon she was what her kind called an ‘elder’.

In a panic Ancalagon implored the god’s to help him. They refused and told him that they only way they could overstep death was with the blessing of the Raven Queen. So Ancalagon, in the form of a mortal (oh no!) left Aindra to go and find a way; find a elixir of immortality that would not also rob her of her soul. He tried everything, even offering to bond with her. Nothing worked. It wasn’t till the loremaster of the Order suggested he check the book. Very excited he checked to records and became very happy to find Aindra’s name was there.

He brought her to the old temple Avandra and took her through the steps of initiation. Each step of the initiation she breezed through and he became more and more excited. She passed and was given a runt dragon. The dragon was too small for her to ride but the two of them seemed to be a perfect fit. With her prime returned she could continue to log history. She is the most knowledgeable historian on this plane, with the most extensive library. Together she, Chusi (her dragon), and Ancalagon traveled through time and space to gather more history and gets facts.

The three worked in harmony until the old loremaster of the Order was killed in an attack on the hatchery and Aindra took on that title as well. Ancalagon and her still often sneak off to live history.

((The dragon depicted is not Chusi but rather another dragon left under her protection and training]]



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