Dwanya's Request

Day Two (Dwanya)

After the battle, the party heads back to town, where Nevitash and Beherith went to sell their loot for a tidy profit. Back at the tavern, the party notices a snowstorm outside, as well as a stranger playing the piano. After several minutes of socializing, the group noticed that a snowstorm of the oddest variety had sprung up outside. The snow was only falling within one hundred feet of the walls of the tavern. The party, after some investigation, finds a fourteen foot giant on the roof, calling down the snow. Xanros tries—and fails—to engage the wintermancer in a snowball fight, while Beherith and Nevitash try to start a fight with him. Kratos, the goliath playing the piano, acted as intermediary for the giant and the party, and translated the party’s new mission, one of rescue.

After a full days travel, the group reached the town the wintermancer had directed them to. After entering the town—quite easily, in fact—and doing some reconnaissance, the party decides on a course of action. While the others start searching the prison for weak points, Beherith sets oil pouches on thatch rooves for Nevitash to set ablaze as a distraction.

With a good respectable fire going to distract the guards, the party breaks into the prison and sends the guards away to help fight the fires. After some interesting magical backfires from “The Feylure”—including teleporting himself 200 feet away into a barn, decapitating a dozen chickens, turning himself invisible, multiplying his personal gravity by eight times, switching bodies with Morgan, ridding the party of all its gold, and giving the prison a tail, they eventually find the thief, Tikalan Shadowsoul, they were sent to rescue.

After escaping the town, the group stops for a break at a nearby river to decide what to do next. The thief suggests they search a temple nearby for a piece of treasure she was searching for, and the groups agrees. After some time they find the temple, abandoned and run-down, and begin searching. They find a door that seems vaguely magical, as they all feel different things when they touch it. Nevitash decides to be the first to risk entering. Xanros, seeing Nevitash seem to freeze solid after entering, is the second to find the back room housing statues of the five Elder Gods. After looking around the room, and some prayers, the statues seem to come to life, and the party makes pledges to individual Gods. Nevitash to Grenth; The Tr’terra to Dwanya; Morgan, Kratos, and Beherith to Balthazar; Xanros to Lyssa; Almott to Melandru.

After receiving their first blessings from the Gods, the party leaves the temple through a back exit so they can return to The Slaughtered Lamb for their reward.

Day One (Dwanya)

In the world of Tundalia, on continent of Allusia, a meeting was almost under way. A tree outside the tavern was burning slowly to the ground for reasons unknown, scaring a nearby adventurer near to death. In the wee hours of the morning, a group had just been kicked out of the local tavern. Upon hearing a cry of distress, the “party” investigates. The Kalashtar quickly suggests the offenders be sent to Grenth. The human offers a paltry sum, while the Kalashtar swings his scythe, but misses the killing blow. The Wilden cleverly swaps places magically with him, hiding him in a tree.

In a great effort to stop the bloodshed, the Wilden convinces the older man to live in the trees to rid himself of worldly interference.

All of the group rush on to the Lords mansion. After some commotion, the Lord is beheaded, and his niece, Princess Anne is escorted out of the mansion. The member of the police force chased the imagined thief into the forest where he found the Wilden disguised as a bunch of flowers.

After no small amount of talking, with much bluff and guile being thrown around, the party decides to follow the young woman they met in the alley to her friends home. After a rather interesting, though short, journey, they arrive at the barracks of an army. The party is met by a Dartanya D’winter—whom the Kalashtar immediately names “Mama D”—and are soon recruited, though some may say strong-armed, into the Musketeers, and given their first mission.

Riding the horses given to them by Miss D’Winter, the party arrives at a village that had been attacked, seemingly by a retreating Bone Dragon. The party stumbles upon a horde of zombies, and decides to use them for some stress relief, or to dispatch them for the greater good, depending on the members particular alignment.


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