Xanros "The Failure" Feylin

Xanros is a sorcerer destined to be the next archmage... or at least he hopes to be.


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Xanros Feylin was raised on the belief that everyone had some kernel of good in them. Ironically, his now passed father was one such gentleman. An evil sorcerer with generally malicious intents that seemed to turn a better leaf on the account of his mother. He’d only heard stories of it but with the optimistic tones his mother spoke in, sometimes even fantastic in their levels of optimism, it rooted the belief in him. This deep rooted belief would be the catalyst for much of the trouble he was destined to be rolled up into.


Xanros, while young, showed a penchant for magic. Unfortunately during his birth while his mother was weak, another man vengefully cast a curse that forever burned it’s mark into his left breast. The mark itself was a seal of sorts that made commanding the powers that be difficult to say the least. Despite this, when his mother gave him his first pet during his fourth birthday, a fox with a gift for fire that he lovingly named Vulpi, his interest in magic flared. He began to pursue the path of the sorcerer with only growing fervor though his studying always tended to be delayed by his dislike for sitting still. When he first managed to gather the energies to cast a spell he noticed the mark on his breast glowed with a strange intensity and the energies were shifted just beyond his control. The spell, when cast, was not quite what he intended but the glowing mark more than made it up for him… It was way too cool he thought.


Upon his 15th year, he managed to enroll in an extremely prestigious arcane school. He wasn’t quite sure how, as all he had was hope, but through some strange circumstances that involved paying his tuition and sending him with a weighty recommendation he was accepted. Xanros wouldn’t know, but it was in fact the powerful sorcerer who cursed him that paved the way to his studies. He left his home with only the lessons his mother bestowed upon him and the clothes on his back. A hot foot later reminded him that he was also leaving with Vulpi, his firebreathing/casting fox of 11 years.


Several years of lackluster studying and poor test scores later Xanros had taken to responding to Xanros “The Failure” Feylin. Not a nickname he liked but at least he had made a name for himself? Maybe? Well it was something he thought. Not quite the recognition he hoped for when arriving but they would see. One day he was going to be Archmage and for that he needed to get out of his prison of four years. It wasn’t uncommon for students to travel and study out in the wilderness of man but students usually weren’t released to the wild till certain… prerequisites were met such as a passing grade after at least 2 years of study. They couldn’t let just anyone do as they please. The school had a reputation of sorts to maintain. Xanros could taste the freedom though. He was so close. Vulpi, his magical pet fox of 15 years then, gave him another encouraging singe as he left for his, hopefully, final test.

He knew all the material. He couldn’t not know after two extra years of studying. He had performed the test countless times before much to the distaste of his teachers and the only problem has been casting the spells correctly in the practical portion of the test. A number of accidents occurred over the years. People happier with an unexpected increase in their capacity, people angrier when all objects of a magical origin in a room were destroyed, a hole to hell… or two… Well that was just to name a few. Countless mishaps occurred so often that a master level sorcerer had to be present at all of his tests just to contain the possible accidents. But, it would all end that day. Definitely.


“Whelp Vulpi,” Xanros said aloud to himself, “Time to head out!”

He was ecstatic to finally be leaving the prison he’d known for four years. It was like a dream come true! An eagerly awaited pot of gold at the end of long trek down that rainbow road. He wished it was under better circumstances but one couldn’t complain when life sent them that calling, and it called, well, yelled pretty loudly then… Or maybe that’s the instructors… Yeah, it seems they just discovered the results of his latest testing. Xanros found himself briefly wondering if the school would be angry that one of the master sorcerers was in a room with four instructors, now chickens, with a hole to hell, three stone ogres, and a demonspawn…

“Well,” he thought, “I should let the masters deal with this.” Vulpi chirped a positive response to his thoughts.

With the ire of many, many… many people behind him, Xanros “The Failure” Feylin set off on his trek to further his practice of magic. After all, one day he was going to be Archmage. He was positive they would forgive the incidents then. Xanros smiled confidently while he wondered where his feet might take him.

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Xanros "The Failure" Feylin

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