Dwanya's Request

The Forgotten Days.

Thanks to a series of very strange and very particular events, an entire set of days was stricken from the the minds and records of the entire world of Terris. Thanks to a lesser known god in a not-so-parallel dimension, who just happened to be in a particular forest on the eighth day of the fifth week of the fifteenth month (this particular world had a very peculiar system of keeping time) in the, for unknown reasons, year of the Dancing Shrew (a year that had not, and would not, exist any other time other than that particular year [this was thanks to another series of events, which was caused by another series of even stranger events]) and he happened to step on a rabbit that was thinking of it’s wife while eating a carrot that was also thinking of its wife. At the same time that 3000 miles away a dwarf sneezed. But since this dwarf was only five days short of it’s thirty-eighth year, the ritual that was triggered was not activated to 100% efficiency. Only to 98.56% efficiency. Not _every_thing that happened was erased. There were six words that were not stricken from everything recorded, including memories. “Terris,” “Ionaice,” “Ancalagon,” “Shadazar,” and “Octopus Brownies.”



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