Dwanya's Request

Side Mission-- A King, a Thief, and an Archmage

Almalexia and Samel called Xanros and Nevitash to the cliff behind the Amir palace. A new king was needed, and the trial was to climb the cliff, take a single egg from the Legendary bird, finish scaling the cliff, and jump, all without letting the egg break. Xanros and Nevitash accepted the challenge, and began the climb. Xanros took the lead briefly, but Nevitash quickly caught up and overtook him, reaching the Legendary’s nest. After fending off an attack from the disgruntled bird (with much help from Xanros), Nevitash took the only egg and hurried back to the cliff face. He rushed up the rest of the cliff, Xanros tailing him closely. When almost at the top, they saw a strange writing in the cliff face, but neither could read it so they just passed it without doing any damage. At the top, Nevitash looked over the cliff, saw the river he had to jumped into, measured the distances and jumped. Once he hit the water, he had to swim after the escaped egg, then find the alcove where he would present the egg. Xanros, still above on the cliff, saw the alcove and called down its location to Nevitash.

A new king was then born. Nevitash Tarmikos Amir, king of Amir Island. When he looked in a handy mirror one of the villagers produced, he noticed his hair and eyes had turned the deep regal blue that was the signature trait of the Amir. He was now the last of his kind. While Xanros was brought down by Almalexia, Nevitash pondered his new life. He had finally become a king, his life-long dream, but with his transformation he gained a new goal; to bring the Amir race back from extinction.

With the two reunited, and a new camaraderie forming, they went to an inn to rest. In the morning, they met with Samel and Almalexia as well as Tikalan Shadowsoul, the Violet Mist. They were given a mission to infiltrate a temple of The Raven Queen that had been forcefully taken over by cultists. The mission was accepted and they set out on their way.

When they arrived at the temple, Tikalan briefed them on the mission. No cultist was to escape alive. It was a simple infiltrate, slaughter, and get out without being caught mission. Tika, upon seeing that the cultists were “only Kharl’s cultists” declared things would be even easier than she’d initially thought. The three descended the levels quickly using various tactics, mostly changeling disguises (even resulting in Xanros getting imaginarily laid) while Nevitash hid and killed without being noticed. Only two beings escaped alive—a courtier and a thief who had been taken prisoner—and within an hour, the small team had reached the bottom level. Xanros, inspecting one of the rooms, came across and apparition of Kharl the Alchemist, who expressed his displeasure at all of his friends being killed. Nevitash went over, seeing Xanros so animated, and greeted the Alchemist. Kharl told them that, since the cultists knew someone was coming after them had tried to recreate his prized Right Bird, but had failed miserably, and that if they could take care of it he would repay them somehow in some way in the future. They agreed, and the apparition vanished and a door on the other side flew open as a grotesque griffin-like creature flew to the center of the room, and a crazed witchy looking woman. The battle ensued, and became fierce in no time flat. Eventually, though, Tika slayed the witch, and Xanros and Nevitash took out the Right Bird wannabe. Nevitash invited Tika for a drink, which she said she would think about, after saying a king should not be associating with someone such as her.

The mission complete, Tika took the two to meet an informant for the other side. The Scarlet Shadow, Maximillion Windscar.



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