Dwanya's Request

Day Three (Dwanya)

While Madame D’winter treated the party to food—of various levels of rawness—and drinks as reward for their job well done in rescuing Tikalan, a strange woman bursts through the door, sobbing, calling for her son Timothy. Xanros and Morgan are by her side as soon as humanly possible (they being two of the only humans in the party), to assist in any way possible. Kratos, sensing an opportunity to make money, asks around to the patrons why no one seems to care. The reason is that the woman is witch, and magic of any sort other than the most benevolent is feared—at which point Almott and Nevitash, being able to spy on people through telepathy, do their best to be as nonchalant as possible.

After some coaxing Xanros gets the woman to tell him that her son was abducted by werewolves, causing the naïve young thing to rush to the nearest shop to buy all the silver he could find. While he is doing so, Nevitash attempts to gently probe the witch’s mind to see if she is telling the truth. He finds himself unable to do so and, with help from Almott, finds the cause to be the woman’s necklace, which some religious insight tells them to be a God-forged amulet of the dark gods Zehir and Lolth.

Miss D’Winter’s reluctant assistance is required for the acquisition of the silver weaponry, and Xanros and Morgan are fully prepared to set out to hunt the werewolves. Kratos, Almott, and Nevitash are much more reluctant, having seen all the suspicious signs—the amulet protecting her mind, the way the villagers treat the witch, and the type of magic she is said to use—as evidence these matters are best left alone, as Miss D’Winter suggested. But, they go along anyway, out of a sense of duty and a small amount of greed possibly.

Searching the distraught mother’s house leads the party to the forest, where the supposedly evil werewolves seem to be protecting Timothy and another child. The party realizes the witch was lying (which three-fifths of them already suspected) just in time to find her behind them with a demon. After a fierce, but short, battle Mama D’s assistance is one again required. She dispatches the demon easily, and deals a fatal wound to the witch, leaving Kratos to behead her.

The Werewolf clan, was slaughtered by the witch save for the children and grandma. Grandma has sworn that you will have the alliance of the Silver Paw Pack and all allied packs will know of your groups open mindedness.



Day Three (Dwanya)

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