Dwanya's Request

Day One (Pathos)

In the middle of a number of activities ranging from traveling to praying, experimenting to fighting, a number of people are teleported to the home of the esteemed tiefling, Baron Xanatos. They were met by a very attractive female tiefling who named herself as Damakos. After the wayward group took a few moments to assess their new comrades—and realized to stay away from the dragon creature—Damakos gave them a brief overview of why they had been gathered, and set of missions they could undertake for the Baron Xanatos. The group, after an argument, decided to go and kill cultists of a lesser god who dared to defy Pathos, and rescue the elusive Scarlet Shadow. Brought to the floating continent of Vestigia by a dracolich, who was uncomfortable the whole way for reasons unknown to all but Damakos and the half-dragon, the party quickly found a warehouse that seemed to be the base of the cultists. They found a strange symbol on the ground that seemed suspicious. After several minutes of fruitless searching, the symbol began to glow and a woman who looked very tired appeared before them. The assassin, using his natural finesse, found out that the woman had come from below using an incantation that teleported anyone on the symbol. He convinced her to take them down, but only after hunting for rabbits to eat. After some talking and lying one of the fighters, Leviticus Blue, found the Scarlet Shadow. With their mission almost complete, the group had only to dispatch the cultists. In the ensuing fight, Leviticusunleashed a deva who had been captured, who instantly showed her anger and power through the use of her Dirge Singer abilities. The Avenger of the group and the Deva hit it off quite well, and after the massacre was complete, they headed back to the Baron’s mansion.

One the way the next mission, the party received their first clue as to the identity of the dragon creature, in the form of the dracolich saying “I can smell your father on you.“ Their next mission was to destroy a town, which was done quite easily, with much malice, and very quickly.

The final mission was to kidnap the wizard Arlyali in the kingdom of Drimonia. Damakos escorted them, via magical transport, the home of one the members of The Order of the Flame, and her sister, Lucius Nobleblood. After conversing with her for a time, they went to the local magical academy where they found the esteemed—if not somewhat infamous—teacher Arlyali in a debate with fellow teachers. Just by listening, the group learned how to use a spell that was normally only usable by wizards. They, somehow, convinced Arlyali to come with them, and in doing so heard the same cryptic clue about the dragon creature, Kairon Fiendline’s, background. Arlyali mentioned knowing his father, which Kairon replied with saying he was searching for him and that he’d given him the gift of “never being left ‘unarmed,’” to which Arlyali pointed out was a sense of humor similar to Kairon’s father. The assassin convinced Arlyali, on the way to a banquet held by Lucius they had previously been invited too, to teach them another spell, this time to counteract Kairon’s mysterious damaging aura. At the banquet, the Avenger used a potion, bought through shady means, to knock Lucius unconscious. Convincing Arlyali to let them escort Lucius to a to her room (deciding it best to bring the girl back at a later time), the group used the transport room to take them all back to the Baron’s mansion, where Arlyali was frozen in solidified dark magic.



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