Dwanya's Request

Day Four (Dwanya)

The first thing the party noticed was their good old tree friend, Tr’Terra, was out of the wagon and completely conscious. Madame D’Winterpresented them with a mysterious box and told them they had been summoned by Princess Anne, so they set out post-haste. To their surprise, it wasn’t just the princess, but the queens of Dracmore and Drimonia who were there to greet them. The first business to come up was the mysterious magic box. It was obviously from Dracmore, but it was thanks to the wizard Arlyali and Tika that the party found it was holding a component for a high level control ritual used by Death Cults. Dragon Rider Lucius was there as well, who gave offered the party the assistance should it be needed. The audience was interrupted by none other than the goddess Dwanya—head of the Five Great Gods—to offer the party a mission and a place in her campaign against a host of Gods trying to break in from other dimensions. The party gladly accepted, and was transported, via Lucius’ dragon companion Adalinda , to a dryad forest that had been invaded by a Death Cult. The party, avaricious for justice, quickly found the heads of the invasion and battle ensued. The minions were dispatched easily, and soon all that was left was a Maggot Witch and a rather peculiar Lich. Xanros, not being entirely himself, waited some time to talk to the enemies, and found that the Lich, named Owen, had no desire to fight, and convinced him to withdraw. Left alone with just the Witch, the party could focus its fury, and she was quickly dispatched. The party then talked to Owen, and found that had been turned into a Lich against his will by a tiefling named Xanatos, and had been given the mission to protect Lucius from harm. Some members of the party promised—and one swore—to find Owen’s phylactery and set him free. With another group of cultists to kill, the party set out for more “justice."



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