Dwanya's Request

Day Five (Dwanya)

After speaking to Owen the party went straight for the next group of cultists with what could be described as dutiful blood lust. Finding the cultists around the dead body of a woman, the group found extra motivation to send the evil-doers to their graves. Rather easily, they were dispatched, but as the last breath of life was expelled a soul-eating demon was summoned. The beast was easily weakened considerably, and Owen convinced the beast to go after a second group of cultists, and gave the party a ride on his draco-lich back to Pheonix. Owen’s dragon told the heroes some of his past, that his soul was stolen by the Baron Xanatos while he was taking a ‘nap’.

The party were dropped off at a local temple, where they were greeted by Lucius, Tikalan Shadowsoul, and Arlyali who brought gifts. Arlyali taught everyone a new spell, Tikalan gave them all a magic shadow key, and Lucius gave them a piece of paper that would grant them free room and board to all inn’s friendly with The Order of the Flame. With a little encouragement, the party was told the history of The Order of the Flame, and how they went about getting their dragons, which she saw in hindsight was not such a good idea. The group decided it would help their mission greatly if they joined the Order, so they set off to start their tests. Lucius and Adalinda took them to a run down temple of Avandra for their first test. They noticed that the halls were lined with statues of heroes in battle positions, with mismatched gems at their feet. Nevitash decided to walk forward to look for traps. After setting off the first, the party decided to put the gems with their matches. The hero statues assumed regular standing positions, and the group went forward to the altar at the back of the temple. They noticed a statue of one of the most famous dragon riders, Aldern with his hands out like he was reading, and a bare pedestal. After some searching of the pedestal, they found a strange book with their names in it, and put it in the hands of the statue. It read out a ritual that summoned Ancalagon the Magnificent, who, with some jovial jesting of the magnificent variety, he gave the party a set of riddles. After passing, he told the group to seek out their Soul Crystals, with help from the Lore Master Aindra.

Aindra told them the story of the Dark Wars, Pern, and Aldern. They also met Rynn and her Golden Dragon Arock and spoke to them both briefly. With more understanding about the power and strength of the order they started out to retrieve their dragons.



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