Dwanya's Request

Day 3 (Pathos)

Upon returning to the Baron Xanatos’ home the group found him and Damakos with the most stunning humanoid they’d ever laid eyes on. The group learned that her name was Aramantha, Queen of the vampires and that she had a small favor to ask of Xanatos and his men. She explained that the clan Drakul has been feeding information to The Order of the Flame and that something must be done about this. She requests that the group deal with it while she attends to more immediate tasks Pathos has set before her.

Aramantha sends her protege Adara to help them in case things got too dangerous for the mere mortals. Before leaving the manor Damakos approached them and reminded that they were to plant the contaminated egg within the hatchery. Adrie, ran to do the mission, as she was the quickest and ran into Adalinda, the great Song Dragon. With the protection of Pathos, Adrie made it back to the group and onto slay many Drakul.

After making deals, or slaying, three covens they found the oldest of the Drakul. Vlad Drakul stood beside his mistress and a battle of rather epic levels came to be. Adara proved her usefulness by helping dispatch many of the minions that attacked Pathos’ heroes. In the midst of battle Ionaice too some of Adara’s blood and became her ghoul.

The group, though with some trouble, staked all the vampires aside from Vlad Drakul. They left him with a warning that Aramantha was not one to toy with, and next time he wouldn’t be spared.



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