The world you live in is known as Tundalia. You have been chosen by the Gods to fight. Doesn’t matter if you are evil or good, you can see the world around you changing and your destiny is to be a part of it.

Your Heroes Current Location
*Pheonix, Azuran — The Green Dragon with Tikalan Shadowsoul

Your Villians Current Location
*Pheonix, AzuranThe Slaughtered Lamb with the Scarlet Shadow

Dwanya’s request

Brave heroes, brave champions, you are my only hope for Tunalia. You may not be able to now, but I know you have the strength inside of you that can stop this plague forever. Please, save my people, give them hope. Bards will sing your praises and children will be named after your in years to come. Without your aid the balance will be lost and the world will fall into chaos and ruin.

Pathos’ Call to Glory
Ignore the pleas of the simpering softhearted goddess, Dwanya. A being is only truly strong when he works for his own glory. The choice is yours, but know this if you join me and the goddess’ pathetic champions will be broken groveling toys at your feet and their goddesses will be your concubines.


Dwanya's Request

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